Creating eco-friendly cooking solutions,
one cookstove at a time

Roshan Renewables manufactures eco-friendly biomass cookstoves for rural markets in Africa, Nigeria. Our mission is to provide affordable, clean and efficient cooking solutions that promote economic, social and environmental development around the world.

Providing innovative solutions for the African woman

We believe women in rural areas of West Africa are being left behind by the clean energy revolution. Therefore, our goal is simple: empowering sustainable economic development for African communities through clean energy innovation they live and work every day.

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About Roshan

Roshan Renewables is a renewable energy company that provides access to safer, healthier and environmentally friendly clean cooking and home lighting products, that improves the standard of living of households and save the environment.

Cleaner Air. Cleaner Lives

Our dream is that of having a planet with zero carbon emissions in the nearest future. That’s why we’ve started playing our part by offering a cleaner, safer, and more responsible type of cooking equipment to rural Africa and Asia, where mostly firewood is burned to generate heat for cooking, which in bad for the health of the users, and the environment.

When you choose either the biomass cookstove or the charcoal briquette, you’re making an earth-friendly decision. Solar energy is a clean, efficient and responsible choice for the future of our planet.

Who we are

Roshan Renewables is a women-led, biomass renewable energy startup that has come up with an innovative solution to clean and sustainable power.

The best way for people to take care of the environment in which they live is by innovating new ways at every turn. That’s what this organization does: it creates environmentally sound solutions like our stoves made from locally sourced materials like clay and cow dung or our charcoal briquettes made from agricultural waste.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the one stop company for CLEAN COOKING and WOMEN ENPOWEREMENT through providing access to quality clean cooking products and empowering women with sustainable training and programs to afford cleaning energy to improve their businesses and livelihood.

Environment Restoration – The Role of Women

Roshan is actively advocating and promoting environment restoration with the gender lens to it, through the following activities and campaigns:

  1. Tree Planting Campaigns among women
  2. Sustainable woodlot project and management


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