Improved Biomass Cookstoves

Roshan manufactures fuel efficient biomass cookstoves for different purposes. The Cookstoves are tested to be above 60% fuel efficient and are tier four category under the water boiling test.

Whatever your needs, Roshan has a cookstove for you.

For domestic

These cookstoves are made to serve households with average of four members and above.

For commercial

These cookstoves are bigger and is to be used for commercial purposes such as restaurants.

The rice parboiler

This is for agro processing purposes; the rice par boiler is used in paddy rice processing.

Happy Clean Cookstoves come in different sizes for everyone.

Happy Small

It is the smallest in the stove range, it has 10 to 20litrs capacity and can cook for and average of 10 people.

Price: ₦5,000

Happy Medium

It the second in size, can be used for both large households and commercial purposes with 20 to 50litre capacity.

Price: ₦7,000

Happy Large

It is largest in the charcoal stove range for both large and commercial purposes with capacity from50litrs and above

Price: ₦10,000

Happy Rice Parboiler

The rice par boiler has capacity to process 150kg of paddy per batch, it is equipped with a false bottom and a steam distributor and paddy rice outlet to protect user from heat and burns.

Price: ₦350,000

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