Roshan Training Services

Roshan is always committed to developing communities. Here’s some of our work so far in that regard.

Briquette Production Training

Roshan offers training to individuals and organizations in the production of charcoal briquettes from agricultural waste.

The training is usually in two phases, the technical and business development phase.

Roshan has facilitated such trainings for organizations such as UNDP-GEF, MEDA, CRUDAN etc.

Savings and Loan Group Formation and Management

Savings and loan groups formation and management is one of the services Roshan offers under its women empowerment consultative services. Roshan does community mapping and grouping of women Small Scale Business owners based on set criteria and procedures and manages them through business development trainings, inclusion into formal financial system, mentoring and social issues enlightenment and gives them access to clean and efficient product to improve their business and increase profitability.

Fuel Efficient Cookstoves production Training for IDPs

Roshan offers training in fuel efficient cookstoves production for internally displaced person or people living in emergency in order to give them affordable access to safe and Fuel efficient cookstoves which will go along way in alleviating the trouble associated with lack of access to clean cooking such as gender based violence, risk of been attacked in the cause of fuel sourcing and health hazards in cramped living conditions. Roshan Facilitated such trainings to Green code in Bama and CRUDAN in Gwoza, Both in Borno state

Business Development Training for Rural based SSBs

Roshan offers business development training to rural based small scale business to improve their productivity, increase their stream of income through the sales clean cooking and clean lighting products and access to formal financial system